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With SysCloud, our move has been successful, and we have been able to introduce more technology to the classroom.

~Matthew R.

Sector: Education

About: The Glennie School is an all-girls day and boarding school, located in Toowoomba, Queensland. Glennie provides a well-rounded education, from Kindergarten to Year 12, grounded by Christian values within the Anglican ethos.


In our industry, staffing and timing seems to be one of the biggest issues.  We want to be a leading IT school, and this requires resources, research, and organization. To become a leading IT school, we are working to move toward cloud and managed services.  Part of this effort has been moving to Google Apps. Moving to Google Apps has simplified the set-up of our department and given our resources more time to talk to clientele.  With SysCloud, our move has been successful, and we have been able to introduce more technology to the classroom.

I find the SysCloud backup dashboard to be very informative.  It is convenient to see the information on one page.  Also the user interface is good and easy to use/understand.

~David C.

Sector: Education

About: As the only Catholic University in Hawaiʻi, and one of three Marianist higher-education institutions in the U.S., we at Chaminade University are guided by the understanding that both reason and faith are essential conditions in the pursuit of truth. Our community is a family where students mature into world citizens who respect the complexity and diversity of others, value community service, and strive to create a more just society.


We use SysCloud to backup our Faculty Google Apps data.  We are also planning to use SysCloud’s migration services for a future Google domain to domain migration. Our data is being backed up regularly, and we can restore files and emails if needed.

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SysCloud - Educational Service Unit 15

From a budget and functionality standpoint, education sits between consumer and enterprise.  When money is spent in education, the results must be tangible, yet backup is not fully appreciated until it is needed.

~Shane G.

Sector: Education

About: ESU 15 is an Educational Service Unit that partners with area schools and communities to provide leadership and services to support the improvement of teaching and learning.  ESU15 works toward statewide coordination of cost-effective services for the students, teachers, and school districts.


Our initial use was for Google account migration, as SysCloud is one of the few companies that offers this service.  There were two parts:  migration and post-migration.  Migration went well and afterward, we were provided with security management and backup tools.

The biggest feature has been the ability to fine tune backup down to the Google OU level.  Every grade level is its own OU on Google sites.  We can treat 5th graders differently from 6th graders.  We can back up certain OU levels and not others.  This has been a big selling point:  SysCloud is granular and allows for fine tuning.

~David L.

Sector: Education

About: Robbinsdale Area Schools is an award-winning district committed to academic excellence. We take pride in the choice we have provided to our families and students for nearly a century. We serve all or parts of seven communities with more than 100,000 residents in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minn.


We use SysCloud primarily for Google Drive to protect people from themselves.  We see accidental deletion and also malicious deletion at times.  This happens especially with students, but also with staff.  Sometimes, students delete accounts, then come back and want to retrieve files.  Sometimes, students leave their chromebook and other students delete their content as a joke.  So far, we have seen 100% effectiveness with the SysCloud product.

SysCloud - Robbinsdale Area Schools Logo
SysCloud - Convent of Sacred Heart

We have found restoring students’ files to be very helpful.  There were times when files were lost, no trash, no anything, and we were able to restore with SysCloud.

~Marko P.

Sector: Education

About: Convent of the Sacred Heart is New York City’s oldest independent school for girls, educating students in grades Pre-K through 12.  Convent of the Sacred Heart combines an outstanding academic experience with an environment that nurtures the heart, mind and spirit of each its young women.  Sacred Heart women positively influence the world by thinking critically, acting with courage and compassion, and manifesting an informed and lively faith.


We have been using SysCloud for nearly 3 years.  We chose SysCloud because it is a reliable, economical backup solution.  We use it with both students and faculty and have three administrators.

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