Google Vault is not a G Suite backup solution, it’s an e-discovery tool.

Backup software and Google vault are complementary solutions. Organisations need to understand the purpose and features of each to make a complete data recovery and discovery plan for their G Suite data.

It’s important to make this distinction. Google Vault archives data, period. Specifically, Gmail and Chat. It then allows you to research the archive for this data. It’s good for fulfilling basic compliance requirements, auditing and legal matters (assuming the user’s account has not been deleted). However, Google Vault does not allow you to actually backup and restore the G Suite data. Google Vault will archive gmail and chat, but not restore the data back to your account.

SysCloud provides complete backup, security and compliance for business and education. We also cover Gmail, drive, contacts, calendar, sites and groups. We can restore a single drive file or email and all the way up to an entire G Suite user account. In addition to this, SysCloud can set data loss prevention policies to help you manage your company or organization’s sensitive data.

It takes time – and a lot of it

If you have ever tried to restore a file back to your gmail account using Google Vault?, it can be a daunting task. Again, that’s because Google Vault is good at archiving, but not good as a backup and restore tool. You may spend over an hour, the first time you try to get a deleted e-mail back! Moreover, you’ll need to search various date ranges to find what you are looking for. Why does it take so long? One reason is the format the archived file is saved in. For example, gmail in Google Vault is saved in the mbox format, which is not directly transferable back into gmail.

Some considerations when looking at Google Vault as a legal archiving tool vs. a backup, restore and security/compliance tool:

Here is what Google Vault Can do:

  • Place holds on user accounts
  • Place litigation holds on e-mail you have searched for
  • Create matters and share them
  • Create retention policies for archived data
  • Export e-mail and chat to a standard file (Google Vault will not restore this to your gmail)
  • Create and save search queries

Here’s what Google Vault Can’t Do:

  • Backup and restore gmail, drive, calendar, chat, contacts, sites, groups
  • Provide protection against data loss from insider threats and human error
  • Backup and restore data and accounts from those who have left the organization
  • Store your entire organization’s data automatically and indefinitely
  • Provide compliance management policies
  • Take action with predefined templates

Syscloud expands the capabilities of Google Vault in the following areas: DLP for both Drive and Gmail, ready-to-use compliance templates for HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, Cyberbullying, etc and threat detection.

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