Threats to Google Apps Data

Data Loss Due to Deletions

A 2013 Cloud Security Alliance report reveals that data deletion and data leakage are the top 2 threats to cloud data. Aberdeen research report cites human errors including accidental or deliberate user actions as a major reason behind SaaS data loss. It’s estimated that about 60% of Google Apps data loss occurs due to authorized users acting within the confines of the application.

Data loss has been found to happen in the following common ways;

  • Accidental deletion of shared documents or emails

  • Corruption or deletion of data by malicious third party users.

  • Malicious employees having access to critical data


SaaS Data Loss

SysCloud - SaaS data loss breakdown - chart

Source: Aberdeen Report Protect SaaS Data


Data loss due to exposure

About 40% of organizations have business critical data in the cloud. The ease of sharing and powerful collaboration tools can leave sensitive data shared with unauthorized users. Whether Malicious or accidental, violating the industry data regulation or federal standards can lead to compliance breaches. Such activities include;

  • Disclosure of company documents to third parties

  • Sharing company confidential data to outside domains

  • Sending or sharing company related data including financial records, core product design content to outsiders

Regardless of policy compliance, breaches can have a tremendous business impact that includes revenue loss, tarnished company reputation and loss customer base.

Without a comprehensive security solution, organizations will continue to face threats to their Google Apps data.