SysCloud Google Apps Backup, Security and Compliance Software

SysCloud provides a comprehensive data security solution for Google Apps that enables  data backup, recovery and granular level security policies through a single page of glass.

SysCloud - data security dashboard for administrators - screenshot

Administrators gain control to govern their organizations sensitive data, protection and data access controls that offer:

  • Comprehensive reports to provide complete clarity about the Google Drive documents and access permissions

  • Visibility of sharing among users, groups & org units and enabling audits based on security policies

  • Protection that is process driven rather than reportive to enforce security policies and take corrective actions to prevent sensitive data exposure


With our data security software tools, you can classify data in terms of sensitivity level and create authorization permission settings to determine the organizational data security.

Data sharing permissions can be provided to users based on the data classification criteria including:

  • Confidentiality (Customer details, Employee information, Student records, Health related data)

  • Restricted (Personal Identification Information, financial records, product source codes, design documents, company road map and blue print)

  • Internal (Departmental specific records)

  • Public (Organization’s common operational data).

Keep your data safe by starting a free trial of SysCloud’s Google Apps Backup, Security and Compliance application.