The University of Groningen has implemented a data backup strategic initiative using SysCloud On Premise Backup Software for over 70,000 users!

“We were searching for software with a capability of maintaining backup of our vast records; finally we found ‘Syscloud’s on-premise backup software’ perfectly matching our complex and strict needs. We are happy and satisfied with your brilliant job guys” – By University of Groningen.


The University Of Groningen was founded in 1614 and it is looking forward to celebrate its 400th Anniversary which falls on 2014.The University has been globally acclaimed as one of the leading influencers in Research and finds mention in around 100th ranking positions in many published University ranking lists. Of the many milestones the University has crossed, a few related to prominent personalities are the first female student in the Netherlands, first Dutch astronaut and first president of the Central Bank of Europe.

“Data, a Treasure beyond Measure”, this adage could not be true for a University that is heavily focused on Research across multiple disciplines. The University of Groningen has staffs and students exceeding 70,000 and their data needs to be securely backed up locally and recovered on demand.


The Systems Department (IT Department) was tasked with evaluating and deploying a highly scalable and secure solution for data backup. The solution had to cover 70,000 plus students with stringent data security requirements. The choice of the vendor had to be someone who had a product that satisfied the requirements and would be willing to accommodate any customizations within a short span of time. One of the key aspects that the University wanted to cover was a trial run to actually test the vendor offering.

The IT Department carried out detailed evaluation of the SysCloud On-Premise Backup Solution and found it to meet and exceed their requirements. Their next challenge was to acquire the tool at competitive price points. While the project was budgeted and approved by the University authorities, the IT Department had to select the most competitive vendor without any dilution of their technical criterion.


Syscloud on-premise backup software (Google app backup for education) allows the users to have data backup in their own servers (data backup happens in the servers which are on their own premises).

Our commitment to Education and NOT FOR PROFIT organizations:

SysCloud CEO Vijay Krishna mentions“ We at SysCloud understand the requirements of Educational Institutions and the NOT FOR PROFIT organizations, that is why we have multiple options for our backup and migration solutions at attractive price points “.

Install the on-premise software and in few clicks, you can automate your domain level backup for applications such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts; and data backup/restore happens overnight.

Multiple domains (Primary and sub domains) and users can be added for data backup.

To help the University of Groningen with their exacting requirement, we built special customizations which involved the process of accommodating secondary domain users and sync them automatically without any need for granting access by each user.

Newly added users get synchronised automatically without any need for manual update.

Restore the required application or the complete account to your same or to a different email account in a secure manner.

Automatic incremental backup can be done with scheduling options.

You can also have data backup for selective services/users or of the entire domain.

SysCloud - on-premise backup solutions - screenshot


• Secure backup and restoration of data in terabytes is done in few clicks with Syscloud on-premise backup software.

• Recovery Point Objectives (RPO’s) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) are highly minimised with the help of auto scheduled incremental data backup on regular basis.

• “Data Export” option allows you to download and have a copy of accounts or documents for local storage.

• It is flexible and compatible with existing IT infrastructure; and enables data protection of both employees and administrator through its intuitive browser which is based upon wizard driven UI (User Interface).

• Innovative UI gives the user with single screen view option to access any application such as Gmail or Documents, etc.

• Built-in search mechanism makes the search process rapid where you can search and restore documents and emails.

• You can handle New Users via Auto Sync feature, which eliminates the complexity of manual update of new users or data.

• One can have backup of all records exactly in the same way, which is inclusive of chat logs, contacts, groups, folder structure, primary & sub domain, local downloads, audit logs, emails with attachments, calendars, documents and so on.


SysCloud was able to provide the IT team at the University with a robust solution for On Premise Backup for their 70,000 plus users. The data was backed up to their local servers and available for recovery. The Syscloud solution, in addition to its available standard features involved specific customizations as per the University’s requirements. The two teams; Syscloud and University of Groningen collaborated to implement the backup project successfully.

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