How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Schools – Strategies,Tips & Best Practices

Cyberbullying in schools has become a serious challenge for both educators and parents alike. With students spending more time online, the number of cyberbullying incidents reported has shot up.   Don’t have time to read the whole guide right now? No worries. Download the guide as a PDF and read…

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16 Top Brands That Scammers Target for Brand Impersonation Attacks

Cybercriminals use every trick in the book to scam businesses. One of the most common online scams that popular brands are especially vulnerable to is a brand impersonation phishing attack! Phishing is a cyber attack that use emails as a weapon to trick the target. The target is made to…

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Google Drive Backup – The Complete Guide for IT Administrators 2018

  Do businesses need Google Drive Backup? Yes! Did you know that Google Drive is vulnerable to data loss incidents? For instance, a single malware attack can rob all your organization’s data leading to drastic consequences. This could even be the end of your business. Isn’t it quite scary? With…

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How to Prevent a Phishing Attack? 17 Easy Hacks for Administrators

The Relentless Growth of Phishing Attacks Phishing attacks are the oldest and most effective online threats. Cybercriminals use phishing to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and financial details from unsuspecting individuals. As phishing attacks become more sophisticated, organizations around the world are facing the heat. It takes just…

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Gmail Backup – Step-by-step Guide to Save You from Crippling Data Loss

Looking for Gmail backup solutions? Worried about the increasing incidents of data breaches and security threats? This article tells you everything you need to know about how to backup and restore your Gmail. If you are an IT administrator use our actionable tips, step-by-step guides, and best practices to make…

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Mental Health in Schools – The Ultimate Guide for School Administrators

Neglect of Mental Health in Schools: a Serious Issue The neglect of mental health in schools is a clear and present danger. Yet, not enough has been done. There are three apparent reasons behind this: 1. First, there is an obvious lack of awareness about mental health problems in schools.…

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Google Drive Encryption Guide

Importance of Google Drive encryption can be found in data breach report: As per breachlevelindex1 more, 9.7 Billion records have been lost or stolen since 2013. “ONLY 4% of breaches were “Secure Breaches” where encryption was used and the stolen data was rendered useless”! Encryption is the process of encoding…

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Google Vault vs Backup: What Google Does Not Tell You!

Is Google Vault a Backup solution? Despite common thought, Google Vault is not a backup solution. If you are an IT administrator planning on using Google Vault as a business backup tool, you will probably regret your decision quickly. So, what actually is Google Vault? It is an archiving solution…

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Google Drive Security : 3 Ways to Guarantee Safety

What is Google Drive? Why do you need to secure your Google Drive? How Google Drive Security is compromized? 3 ways to guarantee security for your Google Drive What is Google Drive? Google Drive is used by millions of organisations worldwide. It is a online cloud based document collaboration and…

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FERPA, CIPA & HIPAA Compliance Guide

You might’ve heard acronyms like CIPA, HIPAA and FERPA – but what do they mean? They’re different types of compliance regulations that organisations must follow to make sure that student and staff personal data is safe and confidential.