Why Bother?
Breach of HIPAA results in fines of millions of dollars and possible jail term. Do a free HIPAA scan today and protect yourself.
Detect and classify PHI and HIPAA data including patient records in your cloud apps. Healthcare, PHI and HIPAA sensitive data could be in documents, chat and emails. SysCloud provides full visibility and automated corrective action ability.
HIPAA Content violation details
Post identification of violating data , ensure the data is secured as per HIPAA standards. Our HIPAA policy template contains tens of controls that need to be followed in order to ensure compliance and avoid severe penalties.
Create custom real time compliance policy
Monitor, grant and audit exception requests. End user enablement via self service reduces IT and compliance team burden while increasing compliance. Users can provide HIPAA allowed reasons to request exceptions. This enables you to easily create audit reports on demand.
Seeking exception for violations
Authorized persons approving the exceptions for violations with valid reasons.
Confirmation for exceptions approved by Admin
SysCloud encryption for Google drive allows you to encrypt HIPAA sensitive data with our automated folder and file level encryption. Admins can monitor, control and reset encrypted data if needed.
Syscloud encryption for google drive.