SOX Compliance for G Suite & Office 365

Gain visibility & enable SOX compliance of your financial data in the cloud
with automated access controls, retention using backup & audit capabilities.

Why bother to comply?
Breach of SOX compliance leads to heavy fines and long jail terms. Ensure that your organization is fully compliant.
Identification of sensitive data and business controls on storing, processing, and transmitting financial information is vital to SOX compliance. Our free SOX scan can help G Suite admins and Office 365 admins immediately identify loopholes in current compliance.
Data exfiltration of sensitive financial data in G suite
Being able to identify the violating data is important, but it’s not enough. Ensure G Suite Gmail, Google drive, Office 365 Exchange online and OneDrive data is secure using automatic
access control policies.
Data loss prevention using policy for SOX compliance
More data loss prevention controls using policy for SOX compliance
Retain SOX data using our backup solution.
Data Retention in G suite
Protect your financial data in Google Drive with encryption as mandated by SOX.
Google Team Drive and Google Drive encryption feature provided by SysCloud