Why Bother?
With the severity of breach of compliance laws ranging from fines in the millions of dollars, through to months and even years of jail term. It’s imperative that you can assure that your organization and SAAS App data is compliance ready.
Identification and business controls on storing, processing, and transmitting financial information is vital to SOX compliance. Our free SOX scan can help you immediately identify loopholes in current compliance.
Corporate financial content shared externally .
Being able to identify the violating data is important, but it’s not enough, and being able to ensure the data is secure is important, but that’s not enough either. SOX standards your organization needs to abide by have tens of controls that need to be followed in order to ensure compliance and avoid severe penalties.
Data loss prevention using policy for SOX compliance
More data loss prevention controls using policy for SOX compliance
End user enablement reduces IT and compliance team burden while increasing compliance. Allow users to specific reasons and enable authorised personnel to grant these exceptions with full audit capabilities.
Data Retention
Protect your financial data in Google Drive with encryption enabling tight access controls as mandated by SOX.
Encryption for documents in cloud.