Students & staff are continuously attacked by cyber threats
We give you visibility into student mental health risks which include any threats surrounding violence or suicide in their email, documents, and chats.
Suspected high risk life threat contents
Threat details for life threat contents
Easily find text or images within emails, chats, or documents with intent to hurt or embarrass others. Almost all states have laws against cyberbullying and it is the responsibility of schools to detect and stop it; we take care of this for you.
Details of cyberbullying content discovered in your domain
Threat details for cyberbullying
Trend for cyberbullying content discovered in your domain.
Single click audit of regulations including FERPA, CIPA & ready-to-use policy templates for automated protection
Create custom real time compliance policy
Be alerted when unauthorized external sharing of student personal, health, and education records (IEP, allergies, medications) occurs. We detect and automatically stop these breaches and thefts.
IEP data shared externally
Third party applications installed by students on their cloud accounts could be harmful, distracting, and also steal their personal data. Detect and automatically stop these with our policies.
Third party app classification using app firewalls
Each student is rated and assigned a percentile within the “Top Violators” list within the platform. We have found that administrations will use this tool to address the students causing the highest level of issues. This is also a great tool to help encourage the responsible use of the internet and cloud based applications.
Digital citizenship score for students
Malicious activities by users like excessive delete
Suspicious logins from new locations, simultaneous logins from different locations, and general suspicious activities can indicate an account hijacking is taking place. We will alert you and allow you to take action against threats like these.
Suspicious login activity in your domain
Detect and stop phishing attacks in real time. Automated action of quarantining emails to separate folder. Warns users with an alert notification.
Domain name spoofing
User name spoofing
User name spoofing threats
Detect and stop phishing attacks specifically targeting your leadership team; these usually include the principal, director of technology, and board of ed members.
Credit card content shared externally
Users under Whaling attack
Detect ransomware attacks on your drive documents. Overcome the attack by restoring from our archives without paying any money to attackers.
Backup dashboard to view backup status
Backup and restore data for cloud
Association with known radical groups and propagating hate speech will trigger alerts to your administration if it happens in emails, documents, or chats.
Radicalization and hate speech threats in your cloud.
Includes text and automatic image classification to identify adult or violent images.
High risk objectionable content detected in your cloud
Threat details for objectionable content
Details of violations on mouseover