Data Restore Fidelity

Maintain and restore permissions on documents and folders

Backup all your data with the technology to handle complex data restores while maintaining fidelity to avoid the risk of data loss or time consuming restore processes.

Using this feature you can:

  • Restore data while maintaining complex Drive folder structures that include Owned and Shared documents
  • Keep permissions intact even when restoring data to an account other than the original account user
  • Maintain labels and original metadata when restoring emails

Backup data along with Drive folder structure

Implementing is Easy:

Step 1: You can view the backed up domain data by services as per the original settings as you have in your Google Apps Account in “Archive & Restore” page.
Step 2: Choose the labels, enter the username and click on “Restore” button to bring back your backed up data to your Google apps account.
Step 3:  You can restore the backed up data  along with Original Permission and label settings as such, even when you restore the backed up data to a different user account by specifying the user account.