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>> Advanced Backup Manager

To make it easier to onboard a subset of users, SysCloud Backup allows for adding users by Google Group and Organizational Unit. Options also exist to add individual users or import a CSV file of usernames.

>> Notifications

We don’t expect you to continuously check on the status of your backups or data that is in the process of being restored. The application will email out notifications to administrators once operations for a task are completed. A daily snapshot of archives can be enabled through the settings page to stay up-to-date.

>> Data Restore Fidelity

Backup all your data with the technology to handle complex data restores while maintaining fidelity to avoid the risk of data loss or time consuming restore processes.

>> Self-Service Restore

Self-service restore will save the IT staff time by not having to field requests from users about missing data. Provide end-users within the organization the ability to view their archives and restore data as needed. The archives are protected against deletion as self-service users can only view and restore without the privileges to change settings or delete data.

>> Retention policies

Set the retention period for data based on compliance or business requirements. The ability to configure retention periods is available on the domain, org unit and even the user level for maximum flexibility. Options are also provided so that separate retention periods can be set for email, documents and calendar items.

>> Org Unit level settings

Stop worrying about forgetting to add users to backup, we’ll ensure archives are automatically created for all users across your domain or for selected Organizational Units. Settings can be applied directly to Organizational Units for customized settings which can either inherit or override configurations made at the domain level.

>> Admin roles and privileges

To help with the management of archives the application can be configured with multiple administrators. Each admin role has unique privileges that range from complete access to help desk who can only assist in restoring user data.