User Revoked “Grant Access Data”

Description – Backup will not occur when the granted data is revoked by the user. You grant permission to access the Google Apps data of your domain users for backup via Google APIs. When that permission is revoked, we cannot access the Google Apps Services (including Mails, Drive, Contacts, Calendars and Services) for your domain users.


Do not revoke the granted data access in the Admin Console.

The following section details about the path location, where the user might have revoked the data access in the admin console.


In the Admin Console, click on “Marketplace Apps” icon and the following screen appears. Choose “SysCloud Backup App”.

The following screen appears, where you can find the data access granted for the Google Apps services. Do no click on “Revoke data access” link, which will revoke the permission to access your domain user’s Google Apps data for backup.