Once you have initiated the backup for your domain, you may want to perform additional backup operations or manage the backed up domain features or add another domain to backup. Such options are available under the Settings menu and it appears as shown below.

Settings option

Settings option

Backup Settings – Customize your backup settings

Have control on what Google Apps services are to be backed up to which users of your domain and for how many days the backup should be retained with the help of “Backup Settings” option.

You can update the domain level backup settings as per the requirement before initialisation of backup.

You can perform the following actions in “Backup Settings” page:

  • Choose the domain

  • Select the google apps services to be backed up

  • Define the data backup and archival specifications

  • Set the storage & retention period

Backup settings

Backup settings

Perform the following operations in Backup Settings page:

  • Turn ON the required Google Apps services to backup

  • “Users & Licenses” option lets you to sync users and automate user purchase

  • Turn ON “Add new domain users” option to add the newly created domain users automatically to backup

  • Turn ON “Trash & “Spam” options to exclude the Spam and trash email folders from backup

  • Specify the count of document revisions to be backed up

  • Turn ON “Real Time” backup to take instant backups as soon as you do any new additions or updates to your Google Apps data

  • Choose the drive backup scope, where you can choose all documents of the drive to be backed up or the documents owned by you alone to be backed up

  • Set the backup storage limit in terms of MB or GB or TB

  • Specify the backup storage retention period for Emails, Documents and Calendar