Domain level dashboard

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Dashboard page displays up to date details about your domain’s backup status in an easy to understand manner via charts and tables.

Dashboard will display the following details about your backup:

  • Amount of storage used to backup

  • Number of items backed up and restored

  • Number of users protected

  • Backup progress status

  • Daily activity log

Dashboard Feature List

View user archives

View Archives section allows you to search individual user archives.

  • Enter the username or email address

  • Choose the domain name

  • Click on search button.

  • This will redirect you to the “Archives” page, where you can find the backed up data the specified username/email id
View user archives

View user archives

Figure 29: Enter username or email address

Backup Status and Protected Users

Backup status knob chart – Displays the percentage of backup completed till date.

Protected Users knob chart – Displays the percentage of users protected (backed up) for a specific domain.

Backup status

Backup status

Figure 31: Backup Status and Protected Users

Backed up Services

Displays Google apps service icons along with the number of data backed up for each service as shown below.

Backed up services

Backed up services

Backup Details

Backup Details section enables you to have a quick glance about the following:

  • Storage memory limit of your backup

  • Amount of storage memory used for your backup

  • Number of users backed up

  • Number of days your domain data is backed up

  • Number of Admin users (You can have any number of admin users; by default the count is “1”) Count of instant backups (on-Demand backups)

  • Data count of the latest backup

  • Overall count of restored items

  • Number of items exported

  • Date of latest backup

  • Next scheduled backup date

  • Support team’s contact link
Backup details

Backup details

Daily Backup Status

Daily Backup Status lists the user backup storage details performed by the user in “First in First Out” order (i.e., you can find the details of the data that is backed up initially in the first folder).

Daily backup status

Daily backup status

Daily Backup Count

Displays the backed up service data count for the user along with the respective dates.

Daily backup count

Daily backup count

Recent Activity

Recent Activity table displays the daily activity logs of the users in the backup application. The table contains a list of last 5 user actions.

Recent activity

Recent activity

Figure 38: Recent activity

View More

Click on “View More” button to access a detailed activity report.

Activity Report

Daily activity log records all the user actions and you can view/search for specific action using the filter search mechanism available the “Activity report”. The user actions include:

  • Add domain

  • Delete domain

  • Domain migration setup

  • Domain setup

  • Export all

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Manage services

  • Restore All

  • Retention policy
Activity report

Activity report

Search specific user action by choosing the activity type and date.