Manage Admins

Manage Admins tab allows you to manage the domain administrator settings which include:

  • View the administrator activities

  • Add/delete administrators

Manage admins

Manage admins

“View Audit Log” button enables you to take a look at the administrator activities as shown below.

View audit logs

View audit logs

Choose the domain name. Enter the user email address; choose “Administrator” option from the drop down and click on “Add” button to assign the user with “Administrator” rights.

Manage admins - add admin

Manage admins – add admin

As soon as you click on the “Add” button, you can view the added user as administrator in the list.

You can search users in terms of privileges such as Super Administrator, Administrator and Help/Support as shown below.

Admin privileges

Admin privileges

Super Administrator has the privileges to view the following tabs:

  • Dashboard

  • Restore

  • Archive & restore – User list page

  • Archive & Restore – Service list page

  • All type Restore option (Including Account Level Restore)

  • User Profile Report Page

  • Backup Now In User Profile Report Page

  • Restore Report

  • Activity Report

  • Support

  • Contact Us

  • Create Ticket

  • View Ticket