Manage Domain

Manage domain option allows you to perform the following tasks

  • Add a new Google Apps domain (new primary or secondary domain) for backup

  • Delete existing domains

  • Modify the backup domain settings

  • Sync domain users to backup

Manage Domains page displays the existing domain names as shown in the figure below.

Manage admins - add admin

Manage admins – add admin

Add Domain

Go to “Settings —-> Manage Domains —-> “Add Domain” button to add a new Google Apps domain.

Add domain

Add domain

Please follow the steps below to add new Google Apps domain to backup.

Step 1: Check the domain type, which can be either “Primary” or “Secondary” (Note: If you want to backup secondary domain, please check the “Secondary” option).

Step 2: Enter your primary domain Name.

Step 3: Enter the “Primary domain Admin email address”

How to enable API

Click on “How to enable API” link and a pop up window appears as shown below.

Enable API access

Enable API access

Click on the link given in the first step and you will be redirected to “Admin Panel” page.

Click on “API reference”, check “Enable API access” option and thus API is now enabled.


“Dashboard” button will take you to the summary page of the backed up domains.

Dashboard option in manage domain

Dashboard option in manage domain

The domain level dashboard page appears as shown below.

Domain Sync

You can sync the newly added domain users to backup using the “Sync” option.

Domain sync option in manage domains

Domain sync option in manage domains

Click on “Sync”, you can view the options to sync namely:

  • Users

  • Org unit

  • Groups