Manage Users

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In “Manage Users” tab, view backed up domain user list along with backup specifications.

Filter the archived user list by specifying the username, domain name and user status (protected or unprotected).

Manage users

Manage users

Email Address

Click the user name link to view the backed up Google Apps data of that particular user.

User name link will take you to “Archive & Restore” page as shown below.

User archives

User archives


View the Google Apps Service icons in “Services” column which indicates that the backup of these specific services are initiated.


Storage option lets you to find out how much storage space is utilized for backup of each user along with storage settings option.

Update storage limit for each user

Update storage limit for each user

Click on the link to update the storage settings where you can modify from the storage limit from unlimited to customized storage size or vice versa.


Learn about the backup status from “Progress” column; it displays how far the backup is completed in terms of percentage.


Control the backup schedule for each user with pause and active options available in the “Scheduled” column.

Choosing “Pause” option will halt the backup schedule for specific user.

To make the backup schedule run from the point where it was stopped, choose “Active” option.


Click on “Profile” button, this will take you “User Profile Report”, which displays the quick backup summary for a specific user as shown below.

User Profile Report

User profile report displays a quick snapshot of the backup status and related settings at “User Level” in the form of tables and charts.

User profile report

User profile report

Backup Status

Backup status knob chart displays the statistical status of the incremental backups that are in-progress as well as completed.

Backup Storage Status

Backup Storage Status table displays the storage details of the backed up services & item list, along with the last and next backup dates.

Daily Backup Status

Daily Backup Status lists the user backup storage details performed by the user in “First in First Out” order (i.e., you can find the details of the data that is backed up initially in the first folder).

Daily Backup Count

Daily Backup Count demonstrates the user backup status of your Google Apps services on a “Daily” basis.

To modify the backed up user settings, click on “Mange User Settings” button and you will be navigated to user backup settings page.

To view the backed up data of the user, click on “View Archives” button and you will be navigated to “Archives & Restore” page.

Backup Now

“Backup now” option enables you to perform instant on demand backup for the specific user.

Clicking on the “Backup Now” option will open a pop up window as shown below.

Backup now

Backup now

Choose the services to be backed up and click on “Backup Now” button; this does instant backup of the chosen service for a specific user.

The operational process of “Backup now” feature is regardless of auto backup scheduler (where the backup occurs in two schedules every day).

Whenever you want to backup any user specific data instantly apart from the regular backup schedule, you can make use of “Backup Now” option.

Click “Backup Now”, the backup occurs in a normal pattern; it begins from the point where the backup was paused and backs up new or updated data of the domain user.

Additionally, the backup occurs based on the retention period settings for the chosen user. However, the deletion of data on incremental basis as per the retention settings will not be applicable with “Backup Now” feature.


Settings button will take you to “Backup Settings” page.

User settings

User settings

You can edit the settings at a specific user-level to override the default domain level settings or existing pre-defined settings.


Delete button enables you to delete individual users from the backup application.

Delete user

Delete user

Org Units

Org Units section lists the org units that are available under the backed domains. Choose the domain name from the drop down to view the org units list.

Org units tab in manage users

Org units tab in manage users

The org unit table displays the org unit names and the number of org units that are backed up.

The other two columns contain two key elements that allow you to control the backup operation of the org units.

Auto Sync

Auto Sync feature allows you to control the automatic backup of Org Unit with default backup settings. Whenever a new user is added to the org unit, the backup of that user also occurs along with the other users in the org unit.

Turn ON – enables automatic backup of org unit

Turn OFF – disables automatic backup of org unit

Add to Backup

“Add to Backup” button adds the org unit to backup. It enables you to create the backup settings specifically to that org unit and initiate the backup process.


You can modify the backup settings to a particular org unit using “Settings” option.


You can halt the backup scheduler using “Pause” button. This will stop the backup of the chosen org unit from automatic backup schedules.