Retention Period

Retention period feature enables you to set/modify the back-up retention period (which can be either to days or months or years or unlimited) for your domain users and google apps services, via flexible retention settings; thus you can delete unwanted backed up data after a certain time period.

Set Retention Period

You can set the required retention period using “Backup Settings” option at two levels:

  • User level

  • Domain level

Based on the retention period, the backed up data deletion occurs simultaneously on incremental basis. This enables you to retain the backup of specific data alone for required time period, thus eliminating unwanted data storage.

Default Retention Period

By default, the backup application sets the retention period for your entire backup as “Unlimited”, which means the backed up data of all the users is retained as long as you use the application.

Go to Settings —-> Retention Period, the screen appears as shown below. This page lists the retention settings for the domain users.

Retention period

Retention period

Retention Status

You can control the retention period by using two options; Pause and Active.

By default the retention period would be “Unlimited” which means, the backed up data is retained for unlimited time period. However, when you set the retention status as “Active” then, the retention period is turned ON, thus retaining the backed up data for certain time period alone.– The defined retention period is working actively for the backed up user.– You can stop the defined retention period settings for a specific user using “Pause” option and this makes the backed up data to be retained for “Unlimited” time period.

Upload CSV

You can customize retention settings for bulk users via CSV upload. Define the retention period for Gmail, Drive & Calendar services for each user, and upload all those users at once via “CSV bulk upload” option.

Manage Retention Period

Modify the retention period of the backed up Google Apps data for specific users via “Mange Retention Period” button. Click on “Manage Retention Period” button and a pop up screen appears as shown below.

Manage retention period

Manage retention period

Here you can modify the retention period of Google Apps services (Gmail, Drive & Calendar) to unlimited or to days or months or years.