Do you need to encrypt Google Drive data?

  • Third Party Apps on Google Drive
    When a user installs apps such as image edit or games, they may gain access to user’s entire Google drive. Google drive encryption at rest keeps drive data safe.
  • Unauthorized Sharing of Documents
    When a user shares Google drive file links containing sensitive information deliberately or by error, Google drive encryption will ensure the leak is harmless.
  • Phishing & Compromised Accounts
    Attackers use spear phishing or compromised G Suite accounts to steal sensitive data. Drive encryption at rest will render leak harmless.
Enterprise Class Documents Rights Management

    Automatic encryption of sensitive Google drive data based on policy condition triggers. This allows organization's to automatically encrypt sensitive drive data in real time.
    The encryption keys owned by customer. G Suite admin can reset passwords assigned by any user for drive documents from SysCloud application.
    Documents added to drive folder are auto encrypted using same password credentials without user action. Store sensitive data in Google drive folders without need for individual user encryption.
The drive encryption application is installed domain wide by Google G Suite admin through G Suite Marketplace SysCloud Backup Security App and automatically made available for all users.
Syscloud drive encryption installation through Google Apps Marketplace
Owners of Google drive files are not required to provide passwords to decrypt their files. Collaborators are required to provide passwords to decrypt files and folders.
Instructions to use Syscloud Google Drive Encryption tool
Google Team Drive and Google Drive encryption feature provided by SysCloud
Protect Google Drive files whenever they travel outside your organization. SysCloud G suite Drive Encryption allows your documents to be accessed by external organizations (example your accountant or auditor or supplier) that have the password or ‘key’.
Google drive Document Encryption using Syscloud drive encryption