Grant Access to SysCloud Application for Apps Firewall

Why the need to perform this Grant Access?

To scan third party applications installed by your users on their Google drive accounts, we need you to grant SysCloud additional scope access via Google Apps admin panel. This scope grants SysCloud permission to do activities like getting list of tokens issued by that user to 3rd party applications and revoking tokens for the applications blacklisted by IT.

Steps to Grant Access to the new scope for SysCloud Backup DLP Compliance

  • Log into Google Apps admin console
  • Click on the Apps Menu in the console

Google Admin Console Apps Menu - SysCloud

  • Choose the “Market Place Apps” from the Apps Menu Page.

Marketplace Apps List Menu - SysCloud

  • Click the “SysCloud Backup DLP Compliance” to view the details.

SysCloud Application List

  • Click the “Grant data access” allow SysCloud to use all the required scopes.

Grant Data Access - SysCloud

  • Now “Approval Needed” text will be changed to “Granted”.

Granted - SysCloud