Heartland Case Study

Heartland Area Education Agency maintains secure, on-premise archive of Google Apps data with SysCloud Backup

Client’s Business Description

Heartland Area Education Agency (AEA), founded in 1975, works in partnership with public and accredited private schools to provide educational services, programs and resources for improving the learning outcomes and well being of all children and youth in central Iowa.

Heartland AEA has over 1200 full and part-time staff members, most of which are licensed educators teach and provide direct services to students with special needs. Staff members also consult with teachers, principals and superintendents to improve teaching and learning.

We had a regional director leave and they wanted to ensure all their google Drive data moved to the new regional director. We used our SysCloud Archive to do a cross user Drive restore which was seamless and maintained all of the current permissions.

Business and Technical Challenge

Heartland AEA has been on Google Apps for 6+ years, leveraging the full suite to improve collaboration between staff members and the schools and administrators they consult with, many of which are also users of Google Apps. Having migrated from {X} to Google Apps the organization had already established security policies to govern data and outline processes for archives and retention.

Email administrators were spending an increasing amount of time fielding questions from end users on mistakenly deleted files and lost access to files from off boarded accounts.

Heartland AEA wanted to maintain a local archive of data to comply with their internal data policies and protect the over 46,5551 files stored on Google Drive with the ability to restore previously deleted files critical to operations.

With complex Drive structure and sharing settings in place a solution was required that allowed a complete restore include folder structure and permissions.

It was nice to know that we can have access to important google doc, if our internet connection went down. It was more for security.

Our Integrated Solution

Heartland AEA deployed SysCloud’s on-premise solution for Google Apps backup and security. The application integrates directly with Google Apps by leveraging many of the APIs available to allow the archiving of all accounts on a domain for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Sites and Groups.

SysCloud works by archiving data so that individual files or even entire accounts can be completely restored along with the proper permissions and settings in the event of deletion in Google Apps. Data can be restored directly back into the account from which it originated or to another account in situations where a user may no longer be with an organization.

Heartland leveraged infrastructure they already had available to setup an environment for SysCloud On-Premise Backup. Providing the same feature set as SysCloud’s cloud based backup, the on-premise solution provided Heartland the ability to put their own security controls in place around their archives.

With the solution in place, Heartland set backup to run multiple times per day to capture all new information being created and stored in Google Apps.

Client’s Business Benefits

Heartland AEA has utilized the protection and restore capabilities provided by SysCloud in several case which would have otherwise lead to permanent loss of data.

Search capabilities within SysCloud’s application allow administrators to quickly locate data with the archives cutting down on the time to restore multiple files. Technical administrators with access to the secure archives have restored data in several cases where users have deleted individual files or complete folders.

Heartland has also used the cross user restore functionality to transfer deleted Drive data after a user left the organization and their role was transferred to another individual. The data was restored with complete sharing permissions intact and was placed in a specific restore folder to isolate files from the users current Drive.

Heartland has restored hundreds of files in just a few months since the application has been in use and SysCloud backup continues to be a cornerstone of safeguarding data.