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SysCloudSoft Inc., is a backup, migration and security solutions provider, which help organizations to protect themselves from critical data loss due to file corruption, accidental user error, and malicious acts. We have developed this privacy policy for demonstrating our commitment towards handling the personal information received from customers/users who visit our website and use other related services and applications that we offer.
Customer’s privacy on and other related sites ( that we operate is much important to the company. We collect important data from our users who visit our website and make use of the related applications and services. Thus, we have developed this privacy policy to outline the privacy practices that we follow, including the type of data that we collect from you; how we handle or use your data and also to communicate about the collection and usage of information obtained from you. This privacy agreement applies to all personal and anonymous data that we collect from you, whether in paper, verbal or electronic format.


This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which SysCloud handles your personal and anonymous information. “Personal information” means non-public information, which identifies you personally. “Anonymous information” is the information, which is not intended to be used to identify an individual personally.


Personal Information: We collect your personal information, which may include your contact information such as, your name, address, telephone number, email address and billing information. If you do not provide us with certain information, we may limit the services that you are able to use.
The Company does not collect any “Sensitive Personal Information” such as race, ethnicity, political opinions, etc., from you ever. The Company provides you with the services for which we collect Personal Information from you. We collect Personal Information that you provide voluntarily, when you register online for any services or contact us expressing interest in our services. When you register with us for creating a user account (paid or trial), we require certain personal information such as your name, name of organization, email id, contact number and billing information. You can choose not to provide certain information that we may request for, this may limit the services that you can access. If you are Business User Subscriber information related to your name and email id may be obtained from your employers. To process subscription to our services we require credit card and billing related information to process subscription and collect subscription related payments. We refer to this as ‘Billing Information’. If you have purchased any of our services via our Reseller/Business Partner organizations, we may receive Personal Information they (Reseller/Business Partner Organizations) have collected. When you communicate with SysCloud via email, we may collect and store any information in your communication to us.
Backed Up data: The contents of a business user backed up data may contain Personally Identifiable Information and Anonymous information such as email addresses, home, office addresses, telephone numbers and other content communicated via email or inside contact fields. Except for troubleshooting purposes, we will not otherwise view the contents of the backed-up data without your permission in writing. For troubleshooting purposes we may have to view file system information (excluding file contents, data like file extensions, size and folder names). Our technology uses some of these inputs to provide incremental backups and troubleshooting purposes.
Anonymous information: This includes, internet protocol addresses and domain names, that may be collected passively while the customers use our services and to understand the website traffic. When you visit our website, we may gather anonymous information such as your IP address, domain name, browser, search terms and time spent on WebPages. We gather your information through cookies and web bugs, whenever you visit our website and other. We may use cookies to determine the date and time of visit to our website.
A cookie is a small piece of information that contains string of characters, which will be sent to your computer, whenever you visit our website. This helps us to identify your browser, when you visit our website again.


We use your personal information in order to allow you to access the services that we offer and also to provide you with customer support regarding the application/technical related queries. We can respond to your queries or requests/troubleshoot issues related to the website or services only through the personal information that we collect from you. We will use your billing information only for service payment related purposes. We make use of your anonymous information to further improve our software and other operations.


Personal information:
It is much important to us to make sure who can access your personal information. We will not sell, share or rent your personal or other information. We may provide your information to third-parties only for business related purposes, which include, customer outreach services (email/telephone), payment/credit card processing service providers and third-party customer service providers. The company employees will not be allowed to use or disclose your personal information for any purpose, unless they are authorized to do or otherwise the disclosure is in compliance with this Policy. The employees are not allowed to print customer’s private information.
In event of change of ownership, acquisition by, merger, asset sale to another business entity, we will post a suitable notice on our website or inform you via email (at our discretion) and you can choose to modify your account/registration information. If you are an existing customer and have any concerns on the above, you can cancel your subscription and you will be charged on a prorated basis.
Anonymous information:
SysCloud reserves the right to disclose Anonymous data to third-parties under our discretion.


You can provide your feedback to us via email at Your feedback will be processed by our technical or support team with respect to our terms and conditions in the terms of service document.


Your personal information may be shared with the third parties only with respect to the ways mentioned in this privacy statement. We do not intend to sell/rent your personal or any other information. This privacy statement applies only to information collected by us through our site or services.
SysCloud may share information about third party services with you. We may also collect customer information from the third party publicly available sources. Such information will also be protected in a similar manner with respect to the personal data that we directly collect from the customers.
This privacy statement does not apply to third party websites and therefore, we request you to read the privacy statements of all the third party websites you visit.


Privacy of children is much important to SysCloud. We do not directly collect or maintain information from children who are under 13 years of age and do not allow them to use our services directly. If we obtain knowledge that a user is under 13 years of age, we will remove that user from accessing our website, services/applications.


We take reasonable actions to secure your personal and other information that you provide whenever you visit our site and use our applications. Our servers are hosted in secure environments with security features like firewalls and other advanced protection features built ground up to prevent unauthorised third party access. SysCloud uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure data security in storage and transit. However, despite such efforts, SysCloud cannot fully eliminate risk and guarantee the security of your personal data, unauthorized access of your personal information and other factors that may compromise the security of your personal information. SysCloud bears no liability for loss of any data; deletion of any data; use of any data; or disclosure of any data.


Personal/Anonymous information:
We require certain information to enable you to access our sites and services. If you delete such necessary information you may not be able to use our sites or services. If you need your data to be deleted from our database or to discontinue services, email Once when we receive your request, we will process it and remove your data from our database within a reasonable period.
We may also request you to update or delete your data in order to prevent fraudulent activities and to enforce our terms of services. When we delete your data, it will remain in our archives but will be deleted from the active database.
Backed Up/Migration Data
Backed up/migrated data can include both personal and anonymous information. SysCloud will not view the contents of your account unless we believe that your account has been used for illegal purposes. To provide incremental backups and technical support, SysCloud may view your backed up/migrated data.
We also collect the backed up/migrated data that you have requested us to collect from third-party sites. You can request a copy of your backed up/migrated data. You can mail with a proof of identity.
An employer can request:
1. A copy of backed up data of the employees
2. Deletion of backed up data without employee’s consent.


SysCloud currently follows a policy of Self-Assessment Approach to ensure that the organization is adhere to its published privacy policy, which must be compliant to the relevant laws and EU Safe Harbor principles.
Any concerns related to Privacy Policy can be addressed to the office of the “Privacy Officer”, via email to The concerns/complaints raised will be addressed as per our internally defined process. All complaints will be acknowledged and resolved within a reasonable time.


This privacy policy might be modified periodically to reflect changes that are made to our services and applications. Any change made in this policy will be posted in our website. We request you to review our website periodically to be aware of the changes made on our privacy practices. If you do not agree to any changes, you can intimate us via email immediately to


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy statement, please email to
33 Wood Avenue South,
Suite 600, Iselin,
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