Real-time Backup Protection

Get real-time backup protection for your organization’s Google Drive data to ensure recent files and changes are always captured and ready for restore.

Difference between real-time and scheduled backups

Scheduled backups work by scanning data to capture any changes that have taken place since the last scan. A large amount of data is then queued up and captured in the data archive. After the backup completes your data will not be archived until the next backup interval, leaving actively worked on document unprotected.

Compare the protection of real-time versus scheduled backup throughout a day:


With real-time backup there is no schedule as new files and changes are immediately captured. The process runs continuously to provide 24/7 protection for Google Drive. Every new document created and each change to an existing file is captured as work is be on-going by the user.

Real-time Backup Provides Better Protection

Using scheduled backups is an inadequate approach to backup, leaving recent data vulnerable for long periods of time.

Real-time backup is the only way to have complete protection for documents being created and actively worked on.

Backup ALL of your crucial data in real-time