95% of cloud security failures will be customer's fault
Your G Suite users can be sharing confidential information outside of your organization accidentally or on purpose. It can be an error or a malicious attack that can have severe financial and brand repercussions. So what are your cloud apps and users sharing? and with who? Scan for free and find out.
Threat scan and visibility using threat center.
Secure sensitive business data you have stored in G suite Gmail and Google drive from leaked or stolen with automated granular data security policies with actions to alert, quarantine and audit.
Create policy for data loss prevention.
Detect and stop threats to your organisation’s Gmail and Google G Suite accounts from phishing, whaling attacks, account hijacking, data theft and breaches. Automatically quarantine suspicious and malicious phishing emails.
Domain name spoofing
User name spoofing
Users under Whaling attack
User name spoofing threat details
Ensure G Suite compliance with industry and government regulations using our ready-to-use policy templates including workflows for incident and exception management.
Create custom real time compliance policy
Discover third party apps being used by your users in their Google Drive. Automatically uninstall unsafe and malicious applications based on your policies.
Third party app classification using app firewalls
Stop insider misuse due to errors, disgruntled employees, intentional damage, and theft by certain employees with access to sensitive business data, privileges and apps.
Malicious activities by users like excessive thrash
Malicious activities by users like excessive download
Malicious activities by users like excessive delete
Recover from ransomware or user errors any data lost or overwritten with a safe and encrypted Gmail and Google drive backup of your data. Stored separately in AWS secure cloud for maximum protection.
Backup dashboard to view backup status
Backup and restore data for cloud
Detailed Google drive and team drive forensics reports and filters to identify suspicious, malicious activities including data exfiltration, theft, breaches, compromised credentials, misuse from insider like a terminated employee or outsider
Threat forensic report
Protect your data in Google Drive, SysCloud Drive Encryption is easy to install and even more easier to use. Once installed in google drive, it allows your users to encrypt and decrypt single files or entire folders with a single click of a button, just set your password and you’re done.
Encryption for documents in cloud.