Security and Compliance for G Suite
Detect & stop your financial, customer, sales, IP data
in Gmail and Google Drive from insider theft, breaches and outside attacks.
95% of cloud security failures will be customer's fault
Your G Suite users can be confidential information outside of your organization accidentally or even on purpose. It can be something as simple as an autofill error, or as complex as a malicious attack that can have severe repercussions for your organization. So what are your Cloud apps and users sharing? and with who?
Secure sensitive business data you have stored in G suite Gmail and Google drive including sales, marketing, customer, IP, healthcare and employee data. Prevent unwanted activities by insiders with automated data security policies.
Detect and stop threats to your organisation’s Gmail and Google accounts from phishing, whaling attacks, account hijacking, data theft and breaches.
Ensure compliance with industry and government regulations using our ready-to-use policy templates including workflows for incident and exception management.