User Behavior Threat Analytics & Data Loss Prevention

User behavior threat analytics & DLP protects your sensitive data and stops it from being leaked or stolen. Do a free threat scan for your organization’s G Suite and Office 365.

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Tired of false positives? Get SysCloud threat analytics based on machine learning

Traditional DLP solutions are more like “CTRL – F” giving you lots of false positives and one has to wade through tedious reports and tons of individual violations. Explosive data growth makes this approach even more cumbersome for IT teams.

SysCloud advanced threat analytics applies DLP rules in near real time and also performs analysis based on other factors including user behavior, compliance laws, identity, Apps, device and location to weed out false positives and give business and industry specific real threat cards with actionable ready to use policies.

SysCloud - Data Loss Prevention


Preventive automated controls keeps your cloud Apps safe from threats


Predictive analytics gives you threats before they emerge


Prescriptive analytics helps users via policy alerts without interrupting their workflow

Automatically protect sensitive information across multiple clouds Apps

SysCloud - Box
SysCloud - Google Apps
SysCloud - Salesforce
Office 365

DLP Key Features

Identify and Classify

Automated Action & Audit

Self Service Exception Management

Document Policy Security

Implement granular data access controls through security policies

Self Service

Users can login and take action thus eliminating administrator overhead

Real-time Protection

Only SysCloud enforces policies in real-time to protect against data exposure

Manual Control

Administrators can unshare or complete take control without waiting for user self service

Protect Sensitive Data

Secure Personal Identifiable Information (PII) that may unknowingly be exposed


See detailed reports on how your organization is performing in it’s DLP policies.

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