Backup Protection

The real question is why would you choose not to backup your Google Apps for Business or Education domain. Data loss due to user error is the #1 reason organizations lose critical email, files and documents. While we trust your data is safe in the hands of Google, you need to protect against user error, hackers, malicious actions and access from lost or stolen devices. Let us show you the best software solution to backup data to Google Apps.

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Protect against the loss of your organization’s most critical data.

In the event that your organization experiences data loss, you have the ability to restore information from archives on a single file, folder or entire account level.


Store a comprehensive archive of all your data; protected and accessible only to authorized users.


Find archived information by a specific user with built-in search capabilities.


Restore data directly to Google Apps along with structure and permissions.

Tightly integrated features for efficient management and thorough protection.

High-Level Vs Granular

Application with basic settings means you lack customization for different user segments.

Features like org unit management means you can apply specific configurations to multiple sets of users.

Basic Vs Extensive

Only archiving core Google Apps services means you’re at risk for potential loss.

Protect more of your data with backup of Google Groups.

Schedule Vs Real-time

Scheduled backup cycles miss the information you’re working on right now.

Protecting data as it’s created and received requires real-time backup protection only available through SysCloud.

Explore how each of SysCloud’s backup modules works to protect your domain

Easily install SysCloud directly through the Google Apps Marketplace.

Backup data across your full Google Apps suit either on-premise or in the cloud.

SysCloud continues to archive data, making it available when you encounter data loss.

Log into your admin panel to review backups, manage users or restore lost data.

Backup and Restore : Key Features


Search and Restore

Advanced Settings, Reports and Alerts

See all of our backup features

Groups Backup & Restore

Backup and restore all Google Apps Groups and Users

On-Demand Backups

Take a backup of any user on-demand in additional to normal scheduling