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Google G Suite Backup and Restore

Backup is your sole responsibility as a G Suite admin. Google does not backup your organisation’s G Suite data when it is overwritten or deleted by users or encrypted using ransomware by external attackers via compromised accounts. SysCloud enterprise class backup and restore solution gives you peace of mind with encrypted Gmail, Drive backup stored in Amazon S3.

Backup to recover from loss of organisation’s critical Google Drive and Gmail data.

In the event that your organisation experiences data loss, either the g suite admin or users have the ability to restore G suite data from archives their email, drive document, folder or even an entire account.


Store archive of all your Google Apps data; protected and accessible only to authorised users. Encrypted with a key only you have.


Find archived Gmail or Google drive, team drive, sites data for any user with advanced search. User self-service reduces G suite admin workload.


Restore any Gmail (s) or drive document (s) or full G suite account  directly to same or other G suite user account with structure and permissions.

Includes export to pst files from Gmail backup and full fidelity restore of any complex drive folder structures and permissions.

High-Level Vs Granular

Application with basic settings means you lack customisation for different user segments using Google Apps.

Features like org unit management means you can apply specific backup and retention configurations to sets of users.

Basic Vs Extensive

Only archiving core Google Apps services means you’re at risk for potential loss.

Protect all your data with backup of Google Team Drive & Groups. Backup includes Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Calendar and Sites.

Schedule Vs Real-time

Scheduled backup cycles miss the information you’re working on right now.

Protecting G suite data as it’s created and received requires real-time backup protection only available through SysCloud.

Explore how each of SysCloud’s backup modules works to protect your domain

Easily install SysCloud Backup and Security software directly through the Google Apps Marketplace. Takes less than 60 seconds.

Backup your organisation’s G suite data for all users with a single click.  Backup data is encrypted with keys G suite admin has and stored securely in Amazon S3.

SysCloud continues to archive data in real time, making it available for restore when you encounter data loss. Restore done by user self-service or G suite admin.

Log into your G suite admin SysCloud panel to review backups, manage users or restore lost data. Alerts and reports included.

Google G Suite Backup and Restore : Key Features

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Search and Restore

Advanced Settings, Reports and Alerts

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Groups Backup & Restore

Backup and restore all Google Apps Groups and Users

On-Demand Backups

Take a backup of any user on-demand in additional to normal scheduling