Advanced Backup Manager

To make it easier to on board a subset of users, SysCloud Backup allows for adding users by Google G Suite Groups or Organisational Units. Options also exist to add individual users or import a CSV file of usernames.

Using this feature you can:

  • Add specific users to a “Backup” group in order to be able to easily add certain users to SysCloud Backup
  • Turn on the Org Unit Sync feature to automatically include users in the backup schedule as they are added to an Organisational Unit in the Google G suite admin panel.


Can I added suspended Google G Suite users to a group for archiving?

No. Users are required to be active in order to access their data via the Google Apps APIs.

What happens if I move a user out of an organisational unit that was automatically being backed up?

A users data will continue to be retained based upon their retention policy. Depending on which new org unit the user was moved to the new settings, if any, will be applied moving forward.