G Suite Data Availability

G Suite admins can efficiently ensure G Suite data is always available by configuring backups and settings across your domain or for specific Users and Org Units.

Using this feature G Suite admins can:

  • Add users to be backed up by individual Users, Groups, Org Units or through a CSV file upload.
  • Default settings can be applied for the entire Domain and overridden on both Org Unit and User levels.
  • Use auto-sync feature to automatically add users to backup as and when they are added to your Google G Suite domain.

Start Backup Page

Add new domain users

Implementing is Easy:

Step 1: G Suite admins can initiate the backup process for users by individuals, groups, org units or via bulk CSV upload. Click on “Start Backup” button to initiate the backup with default settings or click on “Settings” button to configure the backup settings.
Start Backup Page
Step 2:  View archived users individually along with their backup settings in “Manage Users” tab.
Manage Users Tab
Step 3:  Auto Sync feature allows you to control the automatic backup of Org Unit with default backup settings.

Step 4:Add to Backup” button adds the org unit to backup. It enables you to create the backup settings specifically to that org unit and initiate the backup process.


Settings” option lets you to modify the backup settings to a particular org unit.
You can halt the backup scheduler using “Pause” button.
Manage Users Org Units