A More Complete Backup

Protect against unrecoverable loss by backing up your domain’s data and gain the ability to restore information directly back into Google Apps. SysCloud provides a more complete backup by supporting additional data archiving options including Google Groups.

Using this feature you can:

  • Archive data across the full Google Apps suite of services including: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Sites and Groups
  • Restore data back into Google Apps in the event of data loss

Keep an archive of data even after you suspend or delete users from your Google Apps domain’s account


What about backing up my tasks and settings?

SysCloud supports the backup of Tasks and continuously adds support for data and settings as they are available via the Google APIs. For a chart of items we backup please view of Supported Backup chart.

Can you backup files over 200 MB?

Unfortunately no. There are certainly limitations based upon API access provided by Google Apps and the backup of large files over 200MB is an example.