Groups Backup & Restore

SysCloud lets you to backup and restore Google Groups created by your domain Administrator. You can restore backed up Groups at any point of time and view restore details via reports.

Using this feature you can:

  • Take backup of Group Names, group members and their respective roles.
  • Perform on-demand restore of Google Groups at three levels: Individual Group Restore, Multiple Group Restore and Restore All Groups
  • View details about Groups that have been restored or those currently in progress through the Groups Restore Report.

List of Backed up Groups

Group Restore

Restore Report

Group restore status

Implementing is Easy:

Step 1: Visit “Manage Groups” tab to access the backed up groups and its group members.
Step 2: Select the groups and click on “Restore” button; the backed up groups get restored back to your account instantly.
Step 3: Get to know about the list of groups that are restored from “Group Restores” tab.
Step 4: Post restore process, check out the group restore status from “View Results” option.