GMail Notifications

We don’t expect G Suite admins or users to continuously check on the status of your backups or data that is in the process of being restored. The application will email out notifications to administrators once operations for a task are completed. A daily snapshot of archives can be enabled through the settings page to stay up-to-date.

Using this feature G Suite admin can:

  • Receive daily updates of backups in your inbox
  • Confirm a confirmation that data restore has been completed and access the complete report


Can I specify a user who is not an administrator to receive reports and application notifications?

Yes, the ability to set an email address for report delivery can be used for an individual or a mailing list.

How often are GMail notifications and reports emailed?

Notifications are sent out immediately when an action completes or alert needs to be sent. Reports can be configured to be sent out daily, weekly or not at all.