Org Unit Level Settings

Stop worrying about forgetting to add users to backup, we’ll ensure archives are automatically created for all users across your domain or for selected Organizational Units. Settings can be applied directly to Organizational Units for customized settings, which can either inherit or override configurations made at the domain level.

Using this feature G Suite admins can:

  • Automatically include any newly created users in Google G Suite to the backup schedule
  • Add users across your entire domain or use Org Unit Sync to just include certain user segments
  • Manage the creation of user archives automatically from within your G Suite admin control panel
  • Customize settings by Org Units to create backup configurations that allow more control over user segments


What if I don’t use Organizational Units on my Google G Suite domain?

You can still automatically backup all users at a domain level to ensure as new accounts are created they are archived.

What if I have special configurations for users in an Org Unit?

You can choose to implement settings on a user level for any settings you wish to apply to specific accounts.