Data Security & Compliance

SysCloud is the only application that incorporates protection policies and compliance in conjunction with data availability. Use our Domain Security module to create security policies that provide granular level control of document sharing. We’ve also made it easy to implement a compliance framework through the use of predefined policy templates.

Using this feature you can:

  • Get started immediately with templates for specific compliance standards
  • Gain visibility and insight into the sharing of documents both internal and external to the organization
  • Manage and Implement granular level security controls that work to protect data in real time
  • Uncover data exposure risks and PII and automatically take steps to minimize risks


What do you mean by real-time security?

SysCloud has take a proactive approach to implementing security for Google Apps domains. As opposed to daily scans are policies engine works to identify risks and sharing violations at the time they happen for immediate action. For more information see

What compliance standards do you support?

While we provide a library of predefined policies which is always expanding, you have the ability to create custom policies to meet your compliance and security requirements.