G Suite Backup Data Retention Policies

G Suite admins can set the retention periods for organisation’s G suite SysCloud backup data, based on compliance or business requirements. The ability to configure retention periods is available on the domain, org unit and even the user level for maximum flexibility. Options are also provided so that separate retention periods can be set for email, drive documents and calendar items.

Using this feature you can:

  • Ensure compliance for retaining data for set periods of time
  • Cut down of data storage by implementing retention periods to archive only the data you need for a set time.
  • Manage the settings of user segments separately through the use of organisational unit.


Will older drive documents that users continue to work on frequently be deleted from my archive?

The retention period for Drive documents is based on the last modification date so even older documents that are active will not be removed.

What if I don’t want to set retention periods for my Google services?

You can choose to archive G Suite data indefinitely by selecting “Unlimited” for retention period. This is also the default option for every user that’s added to SysCloud Backup.