G Suite User Self Service Restore

Self service restore will save the G Suite admin time by not having to field requests from users about missing data. Provide end-users within the organization the ability to view their archives and restore data as needed. The archives are protected against deletion as self-service users can only view and restore without the privileges to change settings or delete data.

Using this feature G Suite admin can:

  • Allow users to view their own archives and restore data
  • Free up IT resource overhead of having to assist with the restore of data
  • Provide users the ability to access archives 24×7 without assistance of IT


Can I provide only certain users with self service restore capabilities?

Yes you have the option of managing self-service restore access across the domain, by org unit and even just for specific individuals.

Do I have to worry about end-users deleting information?

No, the self-service restore access can only view and restore data. Any changed you have configured for end-users are not visible or editable.