G Suite Data Single click Restore

Get powerful functions that allow you to manage how data is restored to your domain. SysCloud handles complex data restores across all services easily with “Single-click” restore functionality. Both a G suite admin or a user can restore data.

Using this feature you can:

  • Restore G suite data to the original account or you have the option to select a different user account
  • Set a custom label or Gmail or Drive folder when restoring data or keep the original metadata information and structure
  • Restore multiple items at one time or based on a search criteria
  • Restore entire G suite account with just a single-click
  • Only software which allows you to export Gmail to pst file from backup archives

Restore Category

Archive & Restore

Restore ReportImplementing is Easy:

Step 1: Go to G Suite “Archives & Restore” to restore multiple data items back to the same user account or to a different user account
Step 2: Restore your entire user account to the same account or different account via “Account level restore”
Acccount Level Restore
Step 3: Choose the Google apps services data to be restored and specify the user account to which you want to restore.