Document Policy Security

Gain the power to implement restrictions, enforce complex policies and configure security access controls never previous available to administrators of Google Apps. Choose to set notifications that allow collaboration with additional oversight or take action to bring documents back into policy compliance through automatic permission changes.

Using this feature you can:

  • Restrict data access from domain down to user level
  • Implement granular data access controls through security policies
  • Easily create robust security policies with a simple step by step creation wizard


Can I create policies which are internal to my organization?

Yes. You can create granular level security policies that control access between users, groups or org units.

Can you provide examples for policy creation?

While each organization has separate strategies for implementing policies we provide predefined templates which can be used as a foundation for common compliance standards.

We have a file shared with several key personnel that contains sensitive information, can we impose separate policies on this file?

SysCloud’s policy engine is extremely flexibly, allowing you to set the scope of policies to individual files or users for granular level control.