Google Apps Security Features

Take the right approach to protecting your organization
from data loss and exposure

SysCloud Domain Security provides greater control over users and data access. Gain improved data security and insight into potential exposures along with the ability to take preventive measures to protect your organization through security policies. Include our data backup and recovery features for comprehensive protection over your Google Apps domain.


Google Apps Security Intelligence

Get high-level data about your domain and they way users are sharing information both internally and external to your organization. Understand what exposure threats exposure exist for your data and take steps mitigate risk or put preventive measures in place.

Powerful Security Policy Controls

Easily create robust security policies with a simple step by step creation wizard. Protect against exposure of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and restrict data access from domain down to user level.


Insight & Visibility into Sharing

Have the answers at your fingertips when questions are raised about the sharing of data within the organization. Advanced reports and filtering gives you clarity on a low level.

Granular Level Control

Gain the power to implement restrictions, enforce complex policies and configure security access controls never previous available to administrators of Google Apps.


Real-time Protection

Enforcing security policies in real-time should be the ONLY option when it comes to the protection of your data. SysCloud’s Domain Security application takes a proactive approach to security and operates in real-time for immediate action.

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