SysCloud Backup FAQ

What are the features of SysCloud Online Google Apps backup tool?

SysCloud’s online backup for Google Apps provides you a single click fully automated backup of Google Apps including Gmail, drive, contacts, chats, groups, calendars, sites and org unit. You can search and restore the required data such as mail, docs, contacts, sites,groups, chats, org unit and calendar events to your Google Apps account using our online Google Apps backup service.

You can also perform an service level restore, in which users can restore any service (Gmail, contacts, calendar, chats, groups, sites, org unit and drive) to same or different account.
You can also search and view the archives of your user accounts using our online backup software.

What is the total Google Apps Backup coverage of online tools?

  1. Our Online  backup for Google Apps consists of the following functional features;
  2. You can backup unlimited employee user accounts
  3. Backup unlimited domains
  4. Backup and restore Google mails with attachments
  5. Backup Google docs/drive along with the sharing rights and folder structure
  6. Backup and restore multiple revisions of documents
  7. Backup Google Contacts
  8. Backup Google Calendars
  9. Backup Google Sites, Chats, org unit and Groups
  10. Backup and restore Team Drive files

How does the trial version of SysCloud’s online backup service works?

You can understand the working of our online Google Apps Backup service by using our free trial version. The trial version of Google Apps online backup will backup  services such as docs/drive/team drive, calendar, sites, groups,  org unit and contacts. Trial version offers you with 100 user credits, 5 GB storage along with unlimited storage,backup and restore facility.

What are all the Google Apps features backed up using your backup tool?

Our backup tool covers the Google Apps features including mails,contacts, calendars, sites, groups, chats, org unit ,docs/drive and team drive along with the sharing permissions.

Where do you store my backed up data?

We store your data in Amazon S3 cloud storage which is available in 8 different locations worldwide.

Is the data encrypted or compressed in any manner and if so, how is it encrypted or compressed?

Yes, we encrypt your data during the backup process and decrypt to restore the backed up data. Encryption and compression is done using our own algorithm.

Can I port out a copy of my backed up data from your archive in respective standard formats?

You can export/download the backed up data in the respective standard formats.Emails are backed up in .eml format, Documents are backed up are in their corresponding original formats, contacts as .vcf and calendar as .ics. So, every Google apps service can be exported/downloaded in its original format respectively.

Can I get a daily report emailed about the backup process?

Currently, we don’t have the feature of sending daily report about the backup through email. This feature will be a part of our future release. Our application has a “Dashboard”, which tells you the details about your daily backup process.

Can i backup data on demand?

Yes, you can backup data on demand. Configure our application and enter the required data to initiate the backup process. When you click on “Start Backup” button, your backup process begins as per your demand.

What is the frequency of Automated Backup?

Our online backup software does automated backup thrice in a day.

Do you support customers via phone or web or both?

Yes we support our customers via mails and phone calls. Dial 1.480.409.1427 to contact our technical support team. Get online support by sending your queries to

Can I do Full Account and Batch Restore?

Yes, you can do full account and batch restore of your Google apps data using our backup software.

Do you backup and restore data via secure connection algorithm?

The backup and restore process using our backup tool happens via secure connection of 128 bit encryption.