Advanced Backup Search

SysCloud backup provides administrators with granular search options that make it easy to locate files in the backup archive. Available for Google Workspace backup and Microsoft 365 backup.

Advanced Archive Search Features

Administrators can search backup archives to locate files available in all the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace apps backed up by SysCloud. These include Gmail, Exchange Online, Google Drive, OneDrive, Contacts, People, Calendar Sites, SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, Planner, Stream, Whiteboard, Public Folders and Archived Mailboxes.

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User-Level Search and Filter

Administrators can easily locate any user archive using username search or a host of other filters such as:

  • Account Status (Active/Deleted/Suspended)
  • Apps backed up
  • Backup progress (Completed/In Progress/Queued)
  • keyword search

    Email Search

    Administrators can search for emails in the backup archives using a variety of search parameters such as:

  • Exclusive
    Keywords in the body of the email
  • Email subject 
  • Sent/received date
  • From/To
  • Cc, Bcc
  • Label
  • Locate lost files

    Drive Search

    Administrators can search and locate Google Drive/OneDrive files using parameters such as:

  • Exclusive
    Keywords in the document 
  • Document name
  • Document ID
  • Created date
  • Folder name
  • Ownership details
  • Whether shared/owned by the administrator
  • Email search

    Contacts/People and Calendar Search

    Administrators can search for Contacts/People and Calendar archive content using keywords in the metadata.

    Search Features for Backup Health Status Reports

    SysCloud offers advanced search capabilities for administrators to monitor exceptions. They can search the backup health status reports using the following parameters:

  • Username/Email address
  • Date of backup
  • Category (Information/Needs attention/Permanent error/Temporary error)
  • Backup status (Active/Dismissed)
  • Specific events that may have occurred (Backup stopped/Google’s limitation/Sync failed, to name a few)
  • Search feature - backup health status reports

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