Data Protection for School-Provided Google Workspace

SysCloud monitors and identifies incidents of data loss, compliance violations, ransomware, phishing attacks, objectionable content, and unauthorized app installations in school-provided Google Workspace.

Data protection for Google Workspace
Town of Webb School

How Town of Webb Union Free School District Increased Teacher Productivity & Guaranteed Student Safety

Why Should Schools and Institutions Monitor Google Workspace?

Unauthorized app installs, visiting questionable websites can become the gateway for malware and ransomware.

Student data theft and privacy violations can have serious consequences for student safety.

Regulatory requirements such as FERPA, CIPA (for K-12), and HIPAA require an online safety monitoring system in place.

The Only Enterprise-Grade Solution That Provides a 360 Degree Coverage


How Does SysCloud Secure School Data?

Get the SysCloud Safety Shield

Monitor objectionable content with SysCloud safety shield.

Policy templates for CIPA (applicable for K-12 schools), FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, and more using customizable templates.

Create incident notification workflows to alert staff or counsellors.

 Monitor objectionable content to protect your students

Improve Student Safety and Compliance Score

Schools can define the users or groups to be monitored, exclude specific users, file types, or even folders. Schools can fix content combinations that triggers violation alerts.

Schools can revoke sharing permissions, encrypt data, quarantine files, send alerts to specific individuals, or transfer ownership when a violation is detected.

Define the users or groups to monitor

Stop Phishing and Ransomware Attacks

SysCloud can flag phishing emails and admins can choose to delete, quarantine, or leave it for the end-users to review. Take bulk admin action to delete phishing emails for all users.

SysCloud can scan Drive files for ransomware and allows admins to take bulk actions such as quarantine files, assume ownership, revoke sharing permissions, or apply encryption.

Automatically flag phishing emails

Stop Unauthorized App Installs

SysCloud’s Apps Firewall stops unauthorized app installations to prevent data theft, privacy violations, and malware.

Block apps based on the country of origin, categories such as games, those flagged by the community, or those that have access to sensitive content.

Apps Firewall that stops unauthorized app installations

Monitor Digital Citizenship of Students, Faculty, and Staff

Get easy access to violations history for every user in your Google Workspace.

Drill down to see every violation and the nature of violation committed by a student, faculty, or staff member.

Generate a report of top violators in your school or institution so you can take remedial action or arrange an intervention.

Access to violations history for every user

Automated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Create customized DLP policies to get alerts on potential misuse or theft of sensitive data.

Easily view details of every policy violation based on users or apps and automate remedial steps.

Get insights on how your data is being shared within and outside your domain.

Create customized DLP policies

Protect students, faculty, and staff with SysCloud

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