Advanced Restore Options

SysCloud offers IT administrators the ability to easily locate and restore lost data. Available for Google Workspace backup and Microsoft 365 backup.

Point-In-Time Restore

With SysCloud backup, administrators can go back in time to recover from any data loss event such as accidental deletions, ransomware attacks or data corruption. Administrators can use the point-in-time backup snapshot feature to review all the backup instances and choose the right version of their Google Drive/OneDrive data that needs to be restored.

point-in-time restore

Export Emails in PST or Mbox Format

Administrators can export or download emails in both PST and Mbox formats. This feature allows administrators to quickly import downloaded emails into most of the popular email clients without wasting time in converting the downloaded emails into a compatible format.

export emails as .pst

 Advanced Search-Based Restore

Locate and recover lost emails, Drive/OneDrive files, Contacts/People, and Sites/SharePoint data within the backup archives using advanced search options. Click here to know more.

advanced search feature

Restore with Sharing Permissions and Folder Structure Intact

Restore Google Drive or OneDrive files and folders with sharing permissions and folder structure intact. 

restore with folder structure and sharing permissions

Restore to Separate Label or Folder

Restore Gmail or Outlook emails, and Drive/OneDrive files either to their original location or to a separate label or folder.

restore to a new folder

Cross-User Restore

Restore emails, files, contacts, and calendar events to a different user account in the domain with sharing permissions and folder structure intact.

cross-user restore

Instant Download Option

Download single or multiple files instantly without exporting them from the backup archives.

instant download option

End-User Self-Service Restore

Administrators can authorize end-users to restore or export their lost files by enabling self-service options. This feature can be turned on or off at a domain, organizational unit or user-level at any point of time.

manage end user access

Restore Progress

Get a separate restore and export health status report that shows the progress of restore/ export requests. The report includes information such as the restore source and destination, restore progress, details of the items restored, restore type, restore date, and the administrator or user who requested the restore.

restore reports

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