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Monroe-Woodbury school district delivers uninterrupted learning on Google Classroom with SysCloud

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Monroe-Woodbury schools

About Monroe-Woodbury Central School District

Monroe-Woodbury Central school district imparts education to over 6500 students in New York state. During the pandemic, Monroe Woodbury pivoted to Google Classroom to deliver online classes for its students. While Google Classroom ensured learning remained uninterrupted for its students, Monroe-Woodbury realized that securing Google Classroom data was not all that easy.  
The absence of native data retention policies in Google Classroom made it tricky and cumbersome for Monroe-Woodbury's IT team to retain critical Classroom data such as grades and assignments.     


Many of our teachers and students were using Google Classroom for the first time. Every day we ran into situations where critical Classroom data were deleted and required huge manual efforts to restore it.There was an urgent need to automate this process for higher productivity.

Bhargav Vyas, Assistant Superintendent - Compliance & Information Systems/ Data Protection Officer.

Key Challenges

1. Lack of native data retention and recovery options in Google Classroom 

2. Cumbersome manual restorations 

3. Difficulty in transferring Classroom data between teacher accounts 

Lack of native retention and recovery options

In the absence of a recycle bin or any other native retention feature in Google Classroom, Bhargav’s team had to manually export Google Classroom data from Google Takeout at regular intervals as a pre-emptive measure. This approach to data backup was inconsistent as it depended on manual actions. 

Frequent demand for manual restoration

Because accidental deletions were common among teachers and students, the IT team had to manually sift through numerous exported Classroom data to locate the right files and import it to Classroom. This was time consuming and needed significant IT bandwidth which was already scarce.

Enabling data transfers between teacher accounts

Teachers were often reassigned classrooms. However, transferring Classroom data to a different teacher account using native features was limited and complex to manage. If a teacher’s Google account was deleted before the data was transferred, the data was gone forever. 

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Why Monroe-Woodbury chose SysCloud to backup Google Classroom?

Monroe Woodbury school district needed a reliable and comprehensive Google Classroom backup solution to prevent data loss and automate restorations. SysCloud is the only backup provider in the market to offer an automated and cost-effective backup solution for Google Classroom.

Key results delivered

Automated backup

Unlike native retention options, SysCloud backs up and retains all types of Google Classroom data with unlimited storage and retention period. Monroe-Woodbury’s IT team can now automate backup.

Easy and fast data restoration

SysCloud backup solution has allowed Monroe-Woodbury IT admins to restore critical Classroom data like assignments, grades and materials back to the same user or to different user in just a few clicks. The IT team has also enabled SysCloud’s self-service restore feature to allow teachers to restore data belonging to their classrooms to minimize restore related tickets.

Single pane of glass to manage backup for all Google Workspace apps

SysCloud has provided Monroe-Woodbury with a single platform to backup all their critical Google Workspace apps, monitor for malicious files, and gather powerful insights about their data and compliance - all from one dashboard.

Mitigate cybersecurity concerns

SysCloud plays a critical part in Monroe Woodbury’s IT disaster recovery strategy by automatically identifying safe backup snapshots to restore in case of cyber-attacks or ransomware. 


SysCloud has provided us the peace of mind to support our students and teachers for an uninterrupted learning experience on Google Classroom. Since we are using SysCloud to backup other Google Workspace apps, it is easier for our IT admins to manage Google Classroom backup with just a few clicks instead of learning a new product.

Bhargav Vyas, Assistant Superintendent - Compliance & Information Systems/ Data Protection Officer.

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