SysCloud feature list

Backup capacity

Single cloud

Multiple clouds

Backup settings

Backup multiple domains in the same account

Backup at OU/group level

Point-in-time backup for all apps

Retain backup archives for suspended/deleted users

Choose between US, Canada, Australia and UK regions to store backup archives

Advanced settings

Backup up to 3x/day

Configure backup frequency for a single user/OU/group

Settings policy

Automatically backup new users

Unlimited retention period

Configurable retention periods

Exclude image and video files

Exclude files from backup based on content type or file extension


Preserve nested email structure

Complete email/contacts preview


Restore to a custom label/folder

Cross-user restore

Allow end-user/non-admins to restore their files


Export mail as PST

Export mail as MBox

Instant download

Offline export

Locating lost file

Full-content search for emails, Drive/OneDrive files

Keyword-based content search for Contacts/People, and Sites/SharePoint

Search emails using subject, sent/received data, From, To, Cc, Bcc, label

Locate files on Drive/OneDrive using Doc name, Doc ID, create date, folder name, shared with me/owned by me

User-level search


Customizable backup administrator role

Advanced dashboard

Backup usage status and total backup statistics

Backup, restore and export health report

Exceptions and errors requiring admin action

Backup trends

Reports & notification

Audit logs for backup, restore and export events

App - level reports

Instant backup failure alerts


Single Sign-on integration 

Two-factor authentication


Start enjoying faster and easier backups, today