Apps Firewall for Google Workspace

Get customizable apps firewall to block malicious apps and data breaches from school-provided Google Workspace customizable apps firewall to block potentially malicious apps from school-provided Google Workspace.

Apps firewall is a part of SysCloud’s comprehensive data protection suite designed to help schools and institutions proactively protect privacy, safeguard confidential information and remain compliant with regulations.

SysCloud Apps Firewall

Why Do You Need an Apps Firewall?

Malware and Ransomware Attacks

Third-party apps become a backdoor for malware or ransomware and can harm the school’s or institution’s reputation.

Malware and ransomware attacks

Data Leaks or Privacy Issues

Some third-party apps can access confidential information which can be misused.

Data leaks or privacy issues

Reduced Productivity

Non-productive apps such as games and entertainment create distractions and can impact the student’s performance.

Reduced productivity

How SysCloud Protects Your Network from Harmful Apps

Block Potentially Harmful Apps from Your Network

Turn on SysCloud Apps Firewall for specific domains, groups, or users.

Blacklist apps running in your Google Workspace domain based on app names or access levels.

Get exclusive data on 25000+ apps (and growing) that’s installed in other SysCloud customer domains.

Receive instant notifications when a policy is violated and allow users to request an exemption.

Turn on Apps Firewall

Protect Students, Faculty, and Staff with SysCloud

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