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SysCloud is a data protection

platform built for the SaaS world

We are on a quest to give IT administrators the freedom to embrace cloud applications with confidence.

Data Migration gave us a head start

We started in 2013 with a focus on cloud data migration for Google Workspace. IT administrators were in the initial stages of experiencing the joys and the agony of managing cloud applications.

SysCloud data backup and security was introduced for Google workspace

Google Vault can’t archive calendars or contacts. Admins are required to use Google Takeout to manage multiple tools. SysCloud backup helped admins overcome the limitations.

SysCloud data backup was introduced for Microsoft Office 365

Many of our customers were using both Google workspace and Microsoft 365 and liked having a single pane of glass to manage backup for both platforms.

SysCloud data backup was introduced for Google Classroom

SysCloud launched a data backup solution specifically designed for Google Classroom.

SysCloud data backup was expanded to 7 clouds

SysCloud simplified cloud management by providing a single pane of glass to back up seven different cloud platforms seamlessly.

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How did we get here?

Our journey towards becoming one of the largest data backup platforms had humble beginnings.

How did we get here?

Our journey towards becoming one of the largest data backup platforms had humble beginnings.
Companies across the world rely on SysCloud’s backup services

Our people and our culture

We Have Your Back – We take this commitment to our customers seriously and customers will experience it at every touch point they have with us. Great customer service is an outcome of the four key values our team members hold dear.

Innovate with purpose

We innovate to make our customer’s lives easier, not just to satisfy our intellectual curiosity or just for marketing purposes. While we leverage open source tools, we also make a contribution to the open source community.

More empathy, less ego

We make it a point to always give the benefit of doubt and never assume malice. We know we may not always be right and are willing to listen and learn from our employees, customers and partners.

We never give up

It’s easy to throw in the towel and move on. But our teams have always shown their mettle in tackling complex technical challenges. Yes, we've had our share of failures, but we never give up.

Purpose is everything

While profits and growth are important for us, we place purpose above all else. Our purpose is to help IT administrators secure their organization’s data without breaking a sweat. Everything we do is aligned to our vision.


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