Introducing Sky- AI Copilot for your Backups

Elevate your SysCloud journey with Sky. Designed to help SysCloud admins to manage their backups, locate data in the archives, and perform actions on archive data all from a single chat interface.

How can Sky help admins?


How can Sky help admins?

Experience the future of SysCloud management with Sky

Locate data instantly

View filtered archives saving time and effort in searching through vast amounts of data.

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Explore SysCloud’s comprehensive features

Discover the comprehensive restore and export capabilities of SysCloud, including the ability to restore data in-place or export it in various formats.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re hesitating, do not worry, we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

We take great care ensuring that our AI meets the best safety, security and ethical practices. No organization's private data has been used for the purpose of training the AI systems of SysCloud Sky. 
When SysCloud Sky AI systems analyze data to provide insights, recommendations, or answers to queries, the data is fully anonymized and aggregated. The AI algorithms can detect patterns and structures but do not access raw data directly, memorize private details, or store any identifiable information. Our AI model only sees the structure of the data without any personal or identifiable information. Your data is securely fetched from our database and the response is provided to you in a natural and conversational manner. 
However, as per the consent policies, we collect data on the usage of your conversation with SysCloud Sky for training purposes. 
SysCloud Sky is built to be secure and private, and it can understand and respect your existing roles, and permissions. Sky uses the queries, responses and the feedback given to the responses to personalize its interactions.
SysCloud Sky has a monthly limit of 10 queries.
To remove the monthly query limit on SysCloud Sky, you must upgrade to a paid version of 'Sky'. We charge $4 per user per year for all the users being backed up on your SysCloud account.
Only SysCloud account holders can access SysCloud Sky.
SysCloud Sky can respond to questions only in English.
You can provide feedback for the responses by clicking on thumbs up, if you think the response is satisfactory, or thumbs down, if the response is not satisfactory.

We take security and compliance seriously