Stop Data Theft and Data Loss with Encryption for Google Drive

Encrypt confidential or sensitive files and folders on Google Drive using SysCloud encryption for Google Drive. Features include hassle-free access to documents for owners, admin encryption enforcement, admin password reset, and auto-encryption.,format&rect=0,286,2906,1987&w=1024&h=700

Why Do You Need SysCloud’s Google Drive Encryption?

Google does a great job of protecting your data and making it available whenever it is needed. However, your confidential files in Google Drive is not 100% secure.

Accidental or malicious sharing

Accidental or Malicious Sharing

Accidental or Malicious Sharing

Accidental or malicious sharing

Accidental or malicious sharing of confidential files will expose all of its content.

Employee exits

Employee Exits

Employee Exits

Employee exits

When employees leave your organization, there is a risk of data loss and theft.

Phishing attacks

Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks can expose your confidential data and potentially damage your reputation.

Third party applications

Third Party Applications

Third Party Applications

Third party applications

Third party applications installed through G Suite Marketplace could gain access to sensitive content in your Google Drive.

Get Drive Encryption to Work for Your Business

user-created encryption key

Encrypt any file or folder in Google Drive using a user-created encryption key


Admins can control the encryption keys for all users in the domain

automatic file encryption

Encrypt an entire folder and all files within the folder are automatically encrypted

encrypt entire domain

Enforce encryption for the entire domain or for a specific set of users

key required only for collaborators

Only collaborators are required to provide the keys to access the files

encrypt shared docs

Enforce encryption for documents shared outside of your domain

The complete guide to Google Drive encryption

The Complete Guide to Google Drive Encryption

Understand how encryption works and why you will need to encrypt Google Drive for your business or institution.

Pricing Plan for Google Drive Encryption

Google Drive Encryption

Protect confidential data from accidental/malicious sharing and phishing attacks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Encrypting your documents and folders in Google Drive is necessary to protect yourself from accidental data loss, privacy breaches, and malicious hacker attacks to steal your confidential data. Cloud platforms like Google may be asked to share the content stored on Google Drive with Government agencies or regulators. Having a third party encryption tool is the only way you can control who accesses your data.

SysCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect files at rest and in motion. To learn more about how secure this technology is click here.

Auto-encryption automatically encrypts a file that was previously decrypted every time a user closes it. No more “Oh, I forgot to encrypt the file” ever! Auto-encryption is usually triggered within 20 minutes after a decrypted file is closed and uses the previously used password set up by the user.

Users in the Pro plan can encrypt a folder and any document that’s already present in the folder or newly added to it is automatically encrypted with the same password used for encrypting the folder.

1.Manage users with access to encryption

2.Activate encryption for any document or folder for any user

3.Decrypt document or folder for users

4.Reset encryption password for users

5.Notify users on how to use encryption features along with key encryption activity updates

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