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Messages once deleted cannot be restored

What are the limitations of Slack’s native data retention?


What are the limitations of Slack’s native data retention?

What are the limitations of Slack’s native data retention?

Why choose SysCloud for Slack backup?


Why choose SysCloud for Slack backup?

What Slack data does SysCloud back up?

Read our in-depth guide on how SysCloud addresses the data retention and restoration gaps for Slack.


Discover a better way to backup Slack

SysCloud automatically backs up and restores all your critical Slack data, offers unlimited storage space, and enables deleted or edited messages to be restored or exported from any point-in-time.

Make smarter backups

Automate Slack workspace backup. Let SysCloud handle all API errors and give you complete visibility on your backups.

Make smarter backups

Locate data instantly

Instantly access any Slack archive or dashboard.

Discover data fast and effortlessly

Run powerful eDiscovery searches across the backup archives.


eDiscovery search

Use our powerful content search to quickly locate all your Slack conversations in your backup archives.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re hesitating, do not worry, we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Yes. Even if a user is deleted from the Slack workspace, the user’s backup data archives will be retained. 
SysCloud can back up Google Drive and OneDrive files shared in Slack only if you choose to back up Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 in addition to Slack. If Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 aren’t backed up by SysCloud, the Slack backup archives will include the links to any Google Drive or OneDrive files.
SysCloud supports all Slack plans including Slack Free, Slack Pro, Slack Business+, Slack Enterprise Select (Legacy), and Slack Enterprise Grid.
Yes. The admin can choose to backup either selected workspaces or all the workspaces in an Enterprise Grid subscription using SysCloud backup application.
Yes. New Slack users are automatically included in the next backup cycle.

Yes. We can backup both admin's and non admin's private channels and direct messages. Admin requires user authorisation to backup non admin's private channels and direct messages. Learn more about user authorisation

No. Due to Slack’s architecture, data generated by users are interlinked and cannot be isolated for backup.
No. Only an admin can back up and restore Slack conversations.
SysCloud pricing for Slack backup is based on the number of members in a workspace. To backup a Slack workspace, backup licenses must be purchased for each user who is a member of the workspace. Since we also backup data of deleted users, both active and deleted users are billed. When new users are added to a backed up workspace, additional backup licenses will be required.

Click here for detailed Slack backup pricing plans.

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