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Advanced features

Automated Backup

Create a custom automated backup job that includes the scope of data being backed up along with retention settings.

Granular backup scope

When creating a backup job, admins can select the workspaces to be included in the backup. This is ideal for Enterprise Grid subscribers who want to back up only selected workspaces in their Slack Enterprise.

 Multiple backup jobs can be created to customize retention settings for different workspaces within Slack. Admins also have the option to edit the backup job, if required.

Multi-workspace backup

Save on subscription costs by backing up multiple workspaces from a single SysCloud account. Easily switch and search between workspaces to administer the backup archives.

Private channels and direct messages backup

Back up, restore, or export all private channels and direct messages. To initiate the backup of private channels, at least one member of the private channel has to authorize it. To back up a user's DMs, a Slack workspace admin requires authorization from the user.

Learn why you need end-user authorization to back up private channels and direct messages.

Granular progress tracking

Get an accurate time of completion for all your base backups, incremental backups, restores and exports. Admins can track the progress at a workspace level.

Backup on demand

Use the on-demand backup option to instantly initiate backup for a workspace.  Admins can run an on-demand backup before rolling out major changes to a Slack workspace, such as data migration, third-party app integration, or data deletion to ensure that the latest data is available for restore in the event of data loss or corruption.

Intuitive Backup Dashboard

Real-time backup, restore, and export status

Get real-time status of the backup, restore, and export activities. The dashboard provides a complete backup health status for the past 30 days, and restore and export status for the past 90 days.

Administrators can drill down from the dashboard to see the number of in-progress and completed backups tasks, and restore and export requests.

Usage stats

View the total amount of data backed up, the number of days the data has been protected, the number of items restored and exported, and the total number of workspaces backed up - all from a single dashboard.

Error notifications

Quickly identify and resolve any errors with SysCloud’s real-time backup, restore, and export error notifications. Admins can drill down from the dashboard for more information and get helpful tips to fix the errors. 

Smart Navigation

Easily navigate to the archives or dashboards for any workspace. Admins can search for any valid combination of cloud name, archive level, workspace name, and channel name. Learn more

Advanced restore and export capabilities

Point-in-time restore

Go back in time to recover from accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, or data corruption using point-in-time backup snapshots from Slack files archive. Admins can review all the backup instances and choose the right version of the data that needs to be restored.

Export conversations in CSV format

Export or download thread-level or channel-level conversations in CSV formats. Quickly import downloaded threads or entire channels into any Slack workspace.

Restore and export progress and reports

Easily access restore and export reports to stay updated on the progress of restore/ export requests, along with key information such as the restore source and destination, number of restored/exported items, restore/export type, user who initiated the restore/export, and restore/export date.

Automated error management

Spend less time fixing backup errors and focus on other critical admin tasks while SysCloud automatically resolves cloud API errors. 

Easily track manual error resolution tasks to completion with error resolution workflows. 

Managing your account

Cloud connection management

Manage all the clouds and accounts connected to the SysCloud backup application from the Cloud Connection Center.

Access management

Create any number of backup admin roles to distribute admin workload among the IT team and easily manage restore requests. Admins can assign granular permissions to specific users and edit them as required.

Audit logs

Get full control and visibility over all the admin and end-user actions. View detailed audit logs for all the backup, restore, and export events.